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9th-Jun-2012 06:07 pm - The Spa Meme

Welcome, meatshippers, to The Ultimate Health and Fitness Spa! Now is the perfect time to pamper yourself and focus on your well-being. Indulge in our zero-gravity hot-oil pools, infrared sauna or whirlpool ice baths, massage from scalp to toes to tail-tip, aromatherapy, sensory tune-ups, beauty treatments for your hair, nails, skin, feathers, fur, scales – we're very flexible! From temporary body tints to gourmet meals to private spaces just for two, we're here to make you the most gorgeous, happiest, and healthiest you in the multiverse! And if you have skills to share, you're welcome to use our state-of-the-art facility to work on your fellow crew members.

Feel free to enjoy yourself, make up beauty treatments that go wonderfully right or hilariously wrong, pair off with other crew members to share/give spa services, or NPC the Spa staff at their most/least helpful; and have fun!
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19th-Mar-2012 02:00 pm - THE LETTERS YOU'LL NEVER SEND MEME

We all have things we wish we had said to someone.  Well, here's your chance for your characters to share them!  Love letters, the perfect comeback, feelings lost and found, regrets never revealed...and words of praise and appreciation and caring as well.

They can be to people on the ship, people from the past or people you hope to meet.  Others can comment on your letters, or try to guess who they're about!

Have (good clean) fun!
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29th-Feb-2012 02:49 pm - MEATSHIP SPEED DATING
  1. Post with your character. Optionally, have them fill out the form below.
  2. Post to other characters for awkward speed dating fun times.
  3. The date ends when the bell rings!

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14th-Feb-2012 09:27 pm - Valentines For the Meatship
Saw Whit do this on Plurk yesterday, and I felt compelled to do a similar thing, so here's some goofy valentines from Shoutarou, Simon, and Veronica. o/

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11th-Feb-2012 06:50 pm - Morning After Meme

♥ Post as your character(s)
♥ Someone replies back and now with the wonders of implications but never written, you've had an night together yesterday. The circumstances and what are up to you.
♥ React accordingly
♥ Be as horrific, romantic or terrible as you want. Will they just talk? Will someone make breakfast? Will they wake up and scream in horror for five minutes?

KEEP IT PG and CLEAN. No details on what happened, keep it purposefully in the dark. This is threading the reaction(s) the day after not the act itself.
Fade to Black if they get the urge to do it again
Characters under 18 can can only have post-makeout awkwardness or age them up to 18 (and how long they would have to be in the ship accordingly. Please note which of the two options you want to use in your post)

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1st-Feb-2012 08:43 pm - Random Icon Meme!
Let's pop this crack comm's dreamwidth cherry, random style!


Post as your character and their fandom.

The next person replies, using Dreamwidth RANDOM ICON option. DO NOT CHEAT!  Use this icon for what your character would say. You can do this in any way you'd like. A serious discussion, complete crack, semi-serious, but most of all, have fun! This is not meant to be canon or taken very seriously. Unless you want it to be serious. We're cool with that.

OPTIONAL! Before replying the first time, open up this website. That will load up a random music video (you are allowed to load up until you get one you recognize if you want). Click on the video window to load up the youtube webiste and link it on top of your reply so the other person can listen to it as well. The music then sets up the tone for the entire conversation.

Repeat with everyone and have fun. REPLY TO MANY AS PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE.

Make sure all your icons are safe for work. If you get one hitting random, hit random again.

Spam spam spam.
26th-Dec-2011 10:23 pm - A Visit from the Magical Snow Fairy
This comm has been quiet for TOO LONG.

The ship is now full of snow. Seriously. It's in the hallways. It's in your bedroom. It's all over the mess hall, the sensoriums, and of course the city. How did it get here? WHO KNOWS! It's just everywhere snow should be and then a whole lot more.


(Meme is, as usual, open to literally anybody. Ever.)
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5th-Dec-2011 01:18 pm - IC Unpopular opinions meme!
Do you like the slop? Do you appreciate the slick, timeless chic of plantsuits that literally breathe? Do you like being stuck in the same body by a naive love goddess? Are you a HUGE BIG FAN OF THE DALIGIG

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28th-Nov-2011 07:59 pm - 8D
IC Anon Meme is up for real this time!
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18th-Nov-2011 07:56 pm - nothing good can come from this
The Anonymous Personal Ads Meme!

Thy love will be located this night!

How it works!
  1. Post as your character!
  2. Other characters draft a personal advertisement for yours! Do this any way you'd like to, but it's more fun if you post anonymously.
  3. Have fun disputing the claims/guessing who wrote the ads/correcting for accuracy/general shenanigans!
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11th-Nov-2011 08:47 pm - IS IT A MEME OR ISN'T IT



1. Post your character!

2. Your character will post two truthful statements and one lie to someone who replies! F'r instance:
1. I use both wind and earth magic.
2. I went to a private school for intellectually gifted girls.
3. I've been to different worlds before.

3. Once the truth is revealed (either by a right guess or two wrong ones), the second character responds with two truths and a lie of their own.

28th-Oct-2011 10:29 am
Hey guys! I'm mocking up a Character Sheet for the Trans9 TV Tropes page, and figured this would be the best way to get everyone involved!

1. Post your character name and some TV Tropes you think are associated with them (you can add comments, context, quotes, etc.)
2. Tag other people's characters with any Trope you think they might have missed!

Example: Punchy
-Ascended Fanboy/The Team Wannabe: started as the latter, becoming the former
-Bunny-Ears Lawyer: with hacking and programming
-Jumped at the Call
-Playful Hacker
-Plucky Comic Relief
-Pretty Fly for a White Guy


Note: please limit tropes to personality traits or actions made during the game, rather than in the characters' canons.
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25th-Oct-2011 11:35 am - VOICE TESTING POST
||Welcome to the Transmigration 9. Actually, welcome to this simulation of the Transmigration 9,|| a voice says from somewhere in the darkness around you. ||It is necessary for beings in stasis to receive occasional cognitive stimulation to prevent the onset of a vegetative state. This simulation should keep your minds within acceptable limits of atrophy until you are needed.||

The voice doesn't seem to be concerned about you at all, though. ||You may notice that your mental projection of yourself may seem sluggish, but we of the Transmigration 9 can assure you that this is just a reflection of how you always are. It has just been a while, so you don't remember.||

||You will soon find yourself on a copy of the Observation Deck, surrounded by other beings from the stasis pods. You are advised not to maim or kill other inactive crew members, as the effect of damage to mental projections on the body is not being studied at this time. Your dedication to experimentation is, however, admirable for considering such a thing.||

And then you are here.

[OOC: Feel free to tag this with anybody, from actual crewmembers to potential apps to people you aren't really considering but just want to play around with anyway. Anything helps when it comes to voicetesting! Consider actual crew members just part of the simulation.]
24th-Oct-2011 05:56 pm


Shamelessly stolen and adapted from Memebells, it's the Trans_9 version of Texts From Last Night!

1. Post with your character! Name and series in the subject line you know the drill! Add your own TFLN to you post or just wait for someone. If you have a character who normally would not have access to a phone or wouldn't know how to work one... congratulations, meme magic is in effect! Also, feel free to make up your own post in the vein of TFLN if you don't want to use one from the site.

2. Respond to other people's drunk posts or send them one of your own!

3. Hilarious Hijinks Happen!

4. Everyone vows to never drink again!
4b. Number 4 never actually happens.

5. Also, while I won't discourage anyone from doing an image-style one, feel free to just do text posts. I just wanted to use the one above thanks to finding it on Texts From Superhero Time.
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★2. Other characters will respond ICly with the thing(s) they love best about your character. To make this easier (or harder) on everyone, there is no lying! Alternatively, your characters can post what they don't like about someone else's character.

★3. Let zaniness ensue!
Indecisive Meme!

So! Al has a problem and I'm sure many of you share the same problem.

So many muses to pick from, only one spot to app with!

And so here's the game

1. Post with a muse you have that you've been curious about bringing to Trans, maybe set up a scene if you feel perky.
2. Get tags from the current muses of Trans_9!
3. Or get tags from muses who will be joining Trans_9 soon!
4. Or maybe tag around with your potential muse in other musethreads.
5. ???
6. Cake!
7.There is no cake

The clock continues to turn on the ship.

The last years have been of turbulence, surprises and great fights, but eventually, five years ago, the Ohm were defeated and slowly, peace was restored to the entire multiverse. The crisis was averted! Congratulations!

...However rebuilding universes takes time. Energy. Power. It still might be years off before you'll get to go home, and Stacy is truly saddened about that. Call it catch 22 if you will, but at least the life on the ship is a lot more peaceful now. The farms have grown, and now there's enough in-house grown food to feed everyone who doesn't feel like eating slop or eating slop in the sensoriums every day. That's a small comfort, right? Oh sure, there's still the surprise or two on it, but now there's slowly more places to stop, and Stacy has been a lot more lenient about people getting their shots...

As they sometimes say, life will find a way to flourish, anywhere it can. My, there's a lot more bellies around the ship than before...

And maybe. One day. Far off future. You'll get to go home. But that's not now.

Ten years is a lot of time for people to grow, personalities to change and emotions to emerge. How have your characters turned out of it?
7th-Sep-2011 06:15 pm - The Naked Now
Oh, no, the ship has been flooded with a mind-altering contaminant brought aboard from some on-planet mission! (Good going, Crewman Redshirt. You'll see that in your pay this month.)

This contaminant has the effect of bringing to the fore the screeching, unreasonable, most likely highly embarrassing Id of everyone on board! Or maybe it just reverses your personality. How terrible and bad!

Feel free to be as hideous as you like. Or just giggle and make flower wreaths for each other. Or have silly slapfights with your friends oops sorry kirk.

P.S. Stacy is taking pictures.
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